What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system that works with nature, not against it.

Food Forest Chop Drop
Permaculture is practiced many different ways worldwide because local conditions must be taken into account in order to create harmony with the environment.  It is what happens when humans consider themselves as just one more element in a complex ecological dance, and not the choreographer of the dance for that is the role of nature itself.

In environments where  mankind has left a huge scar on the earth we see ourselves as having an added responsibility in assisting nature to heal these wounds, because we know until we help repair it no species will be able to thrive there.

At the Okanagan Ecovillage we are fortunate to have water and forests close by, but this does not mean we should squander these precious resources.

Permaculture is guided by three basic ethics:

Care for the earth

Care for people

Return of surplus