Millrise Spin – Preparing for disasters

I wrote this blog post a few years ago as a response to my feeling that life was going to change soon for us all.  I’d be interested in feedback.  How relevant are these perceptions in 2014?

Do you share my perception that acts of God or other types of emergency situations are creeping closer to home and occurring with more frequency?  Up until now we have been fortunate to rely on various levels of government to help us cope, but what if the magnitude of the next emergency overwhelms our institutions?  What if government emergency plans are not up to date?  Do we dare we imagine what if…


  • the economy collapses?
  • interest rates skyrocket?
  • energy prices soar out of reach?
  • you lose your job?
  • your retirement investments lose value?
  • the municipal tax base is shaken and provincial funding is withheld?
  • you find yourself with a mortgage you can’t afford?
  • you do not have family close by to help you out?
  • you do not have a “legal” suite to rent out to provide income?
  • the public utilities and services like public transportation/trucking of necessary commodities are cut due to unpaid workers abandoning their jobs?
  • medical facilities were overwhelmed and underfunded?
  • communication systems and networks are withdrawn/broken?
  • food shortages due to transport
  • crime rates rise, rioting, vandalism breaks out?


You have heard about some of these things happening elsewhere or you may have watched documentaries such as Urban Danger.  We would all like to believe it could never happen here or now.  But if it did, how prepared are you?  Do you believe as I do that we would accomplish more together than apart?  What if…

we knew our neighbours?  We are a talented, resourceful and highly innovative society.  We have among us…

  • financial experts
  • energy experts
  • technologists
  • IT specialists
  • programmers
  • business managers
  • teachers
  • artists
  • counsellors, both secular and non-secular
  • government administrators
  • medical specialists
  • labourers
  • tradesman
  • security and emergency response specialists

What if those of us who wanted to discuss our concerns began to meet up on a regular basis, to share learnings and formulate a strategy we all hope we will not have to put into practice?

If we prepare for the worst, we have nothing to be afraid of and in the process find our sense of community.

We are designers who want to help create a place of learning, inspiration and sustainability for generations to come.

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