About Janet and Paul Greenhalgh

janet and paul greehalgh
We are piping designers by trade, having made our living in the Alberta energy industry.  Janet incorporated abraCADabra in 1995 in order to provide CAD support services to designers using AutoCAD software.  Paul joined in 2002 and they began to plan their retirement in the Okanagan area.  The economic events in 2008 provided a wake-up call so they began looking for ways to build more resiliency into their personal and business life.  When Janet obtained her Permaculture Design certificate she saw it was possible to have a high quality lifestyle in community with other like-minded people.  When they learned about the Okanagan Ecovillage, they began their preparations in earnest.

Janet and Paul are very committed to their role as community elders, extending beyond the care of their own family to every living thing we share this earth with.  Living in close proximity with a diverse group of people approximates the tribal lifestyle our forefathers depended upon before the Industrial Age.  We hope abraCADabra  ltd. will evolve into a business much like the travelling circuses of the past that Daniel Quinn so eloquently describes in his recent writing; a company that exists for the benefit of all its workers, animals and customers, where profits are reinvested in a way that benefits everyone, because living beings are more important than things.

The growing scarcity of natural resources in today’s world is an opportunity to redesign our societies to become places that are truly sustainable for generations to come.  We are taking the same first steps that many of our permaculture colleagues around the world are also taking.  We look forward to you joining us to create a better future for this planet.
With enthusiasm and confidence,

Janet & Paul